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The Psychology Behind a Clean Home

Cleaning is essential for reducing the spread of microorganisms around the home and controlling contaminates, but it also has other, lesser known, benefits.

1. Increases Overall Well Being

  • Because cleaning is a physical activity, individuals who clean are more likely to be in better physical shape.
  • Individuals with cleaner homes are less likely to be depressed, fatigued, and stressed.
  • A clean home is related to better personal hygiene practices.

2. Increases Mental Efficiency

  • Individuals with clean homes have an easier time concentrating on tasks.
  • Creativity thrives in a clean home.
  • Maintaining a clean home leaves time for finishing projects.

3. Increases Personal and Environmental Productivity

  • Having a clean home is related to less littering.
  • Individuals with clean homes tend to be more generous than those with dirty homes.
  • Individuals with clean homes tend to be more motivated to take charge of other aspects of their lives, such as their general health.

How to Reap the Rewards

Cleaning takes time, which is not something we all have a lot of. However, you don’t need to conduct a full house makeover to feel good about cleaning.

  • Try to clean 15 minutes a day.
  • Cleaning can be an unpleasant task. Focusing on how much you don’t want to be cleaning or even trying to turn your attention to something else may decrease your mental health. Instead, focus on the task in an open-minded way. Draw your attention to the positive benefits of the present activity.
  • Buy the right equipment. Having suboptimal cleaning equipment means you will get a suboptimal cleaning experience.
  • Maintain/replace your cleaning equipment when necessary. This means changing vacuum bags and belts to keep the vacuum running efficiently. It also means not continuing to use dirty rags when they need to be washed or thrown away.

Amber Ingram, Doctoral Student in Developmental Psychology at the University of Alabama

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