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There’s a reason stick vacuums are one the fastest-growing products in floor care. The lightweight appliances are a convenient alternative to full-sized vacuums, especially when it comes to the routine cleaning required in homes with pets, kids, and other mess-makers.

What’s more, the cleaning power of our top-performing stick vacuums continues to improve, and many are competitively priced, making them a great gift item for a loved one or for yourself.

As impressed as we are with today’s stick vacuums, they’re still not ready to be the only vacuum in most homes, despite claims by manufacturers. That’s because the deep carpet cleaning you get from a standout upright vacuum is so much better.

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Lindhaus Karisma L-Ion Digital Pro


Sebo Felix Premium Onyx


Lindhaus Valzer 5


Riccar R60 Broom

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